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LIVE! w/ Ralph Kern

LIVE! w/ Ralph Kern

April 22, 2016

On this episode of LIVE! Ralph Kern joins Scott and Join to talk about his writing career. 

Ralph is the author of two science fiction novels, Endeavor and Erebus and recently a short story, Steel Eyes. Ralph shares his writing process, his experience on indie and small press publishing and how he got started. Also, he talks about his influences, goals he had starting out and what's in store for him throughout the rest of 2016. 

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The Write Stuff Ep. 7 - Let’s talk about Plots, Baby!

The Write Stuff Ep. 7 - Let’s talk about Plots, Baby!

April 16, 2016

If you don't have plot you don't have a story. However, not all plots are created equal.

This week on The Write Stuff, Scott and Josh discuss some of the differences in main plot and subplot and how to effectively create a subplot that matters to the story. Whether or not to include main characters or secondary characters in the subplots. 

As an added bonus, Scott discovers one of the deadly pitfalls of “panster” or “organic” writing. For the first thirty years of his career, he was very much what George R. R. Martin called a gardener: he wrote with inspiration, imagination, and to the devil with those annoying outlines. 

As Josh delves into the basics of plot, Scott realizes the danger of “just going for it.”  Josh throws him a lifeline and the struggle for creative brilliance moves forward with the unstoppable power of a bestselling novel. 

But wait that’s not all!

James A Bray, the executive producer of the Start Trek Anthology Fan Film Project joins us again to talk about plotting his fan film series.


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The Write Stuff Ep. 6 - Story Beats

The Write Stuff Ep. 6 - Story Beats

April 16, 2016
Josh and Scott caught on to the idea of "story beats" from the SPP guys over at Sterling and Stone. The idea basically takes the idea of plotting and planning out your novel to new heights. It's a really interesting way to write and plan your novel and streamlines the creation process, enabling you to write faster and have fun doing it.

Josh and Scott discuss the pros and cons of story beats, how they incorporate them into their own writing and examples on how other authors use them. We touch briefly on plotting and pantsing as well.

And we have our first impromtu guest on the show, James A Bray, the executive producer of the Star Trek Anthology Film Fan Project.
The Write Stuff Ep. 5 - The 2016 Smarter Artist Summit

The Write Stuff Ep. 5 - The 2016 Smarter Artist Summit

April 7, 2016

In today’s episode Scott and Josh talk about some recent self-publishing trends, serials vs completed novels, building your email list and driving through Texas...which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds...

Scott was lucky enough to attend the 2016 Smarter Artist Summit hosted by Sterling and Stone (the Self-publishing Podcast). The two day event is hard to describe, given the time constraints of a single show. There were several amazing presentations on writing and the art of entrepreneurism needed to be a working, i.e. paid, author. Mostly there were a lot of interesting people going out of their way to help each other.

Unfortunately, Scott internet connection was none too great at his hotel over the weekend, so the first half of the show his output volume is low. About halfway through the episode, his phone overheated and then by some lucky celestial magic, his computer started working again!

Despite these demon’s of technical mayhew and ruckus, we persevered and finished the show!  Enjoy!

The Write Stuff Ep. 4 - What Makes a Character Great?

The Write Stuff Ep. 4 - What Makes a Character Great?

April 2, 2016

Characters can make or break a story and despite being surrounded by millions of them every day, they seem to be one of the hardest elements of fiction to write. Do it write and that character will pull your audience through thick and thin. Do it wrong and they will close the book faster than you can say, ”But wait, you’re almost to the good part!”

In this episode of The Write Stuff, Scott and Josh tackle what makes a character good, what makes them great, and what makes them bad. The talk about their favorite characters from books they’ve read, discuss troupes in genre fiction and share their thoughts on the characters they like to write.

Due to some technical difficulties this week, Scotts audio is a tad muted, but don’t fret, he can still be heard and even though he’s quiet, he makes some pretty loud points.

Thanks for stopping and hope you enjoy this episode of The Write Stuff!

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