The Write Stuff Ep. 8 - Tools of the Trade

June 20, 2016

Writing a novel is easy, right? 

Maybe...yeah...not so much. Having the correct tools can really take the misery out of the process. With a good word processor -- or for total writing geeks, Scrivner -- means the difference between writing the next bestseller and getting lost in the details of a full length novel. 

Josh and Scott discuss which tools work best for them, and convince Scott that changing between Scrivener, Word, and Google Docs three times a week is not a good idea. On the up side, this argument allows them to discuss the pros and cons of each. 

Also on the agenda are Story Shop, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and Google Voice Typing. Photoshop gets an honorable mention for being the number one distraction tool for up and coming writers.

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LIVE! w/ Chris Fox

June 20, 2016
This week Chris Fox, author of the best-selling military science fiction novel, "Destroyer", and non-fiction books, "Write to Market" and "5,000 words per hour", joins us to talk about his writing, marketing strategies and where he thinks the market is heading.

We had some connection issues right at the start, but this is a great interview and we think you guys will really enjoy this episode. We 
learned a lot ourselves. 

Here is the link to Destroyer's book trailer:

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LIVE! with Richard Fox

June 10, 2016
Join us as we talk with best-selling military science fiction author Richard Fox. His "Ember War Saga" is a must-read for any fan of the genre and if you're a fan of audiobooks, Luke Daniels has done a phenomenal job narrating the first two books.

Richard talk's about his writing process, what inspired him to create such a rich and vibrant universe, filled with great characters, and where he's going from here! 

You don't want to miss this episode of LIVE!

LIVE! with Jacob Cooper

June 3, 2016

Join us as we talk with Jacob Cooper, author of the Dying Lands Chronicles. Jacob will share his experiences writing his first novel, working with David Farland and how he got his start in the world of audiobooks!

For more information on Jacob Cooper, check out his website:

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LIVE! with Ben Hale

June 3, 2016
Ben Hale joins us to talk about his YA fantasy saga "The Chronicles of Lumineia". He talks about "layered" writing in young adult fiction, and sheds some light on how he runs his writer business. According to Ben, he's all about the numbers, so if you're looking for insight into the numbers and data of hybrid publishing, you do not want to miss this episode!

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LIVE! w/ Clark Chamberlain

June 2, 2016
After a ridiculous series of setbacks this morning, we finally managed to put together a show, one that we know you are going to thoroughly enjoy.

Today, Scott and Josh sit down with Clark Chamberlain, author of the Hank Hudson book series, co-host of the Book Editor Show podcast and founder of Clark’s 90 Challenge. 

Clark talks about his journey in becoming a writer and editor, what led him to starting the Book Editor Show and his thoughts on how to make your writing better. His Hank Hudson books are wildly popular among the middle-grade audience and his editing skills are some of the most sought after throughout the writing community. 

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LIVE! w/ Nick Cole

June 2, 2016

On this episode of LIVE! we are thrilled to bring you bestselling author Nick Cole!  Nick's novels The Old Man and the Wasteland and Soda Pop Solider have had enormous success and pushed him to the forefront of the science fiction community. 

Nick talks about his newest science fiction cyberpunk novel, "Control. Alt. Revolt!" as well as the controversy surrounding its release and his future as a hybrid author.