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LIVE! with Kevin Tumlinson

LIVE! with Kevin Tumlinson

August 31, 2016

On today’s show, we are joined by bestselling author and newly named marketing director for Draft2Digital, Kevin Tumlinson.  Kevin’s catalog is pretty extensive, from A novella called The Three Reasons to Avoid Being Punched in the Face, to his military science fiction series Citadel, to contemporary thriller: The Coelho Medallion. Kevin has published 30 books across various genres, including a non-fiction title: 30 Day author and we’re really excited to have him on the show.

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LIVE! with Patrice Fitzgerald

LIVE! with Patrice Fitzgerald

August 25, 2016

Conflict is the secret!

Meet Patrice Fitzgerald, author of Karma of the Silo, fans of Hugh Howey might recognize the premise and one of the characters. Why? Because the legendary indie author gave her permission to write in his Wool universe and she created a story her fans love. You might also know her from work in Samuel Peralta’s Future Chronicles.

During the interview we talk a lot about books and generally have a good time, eventually getting to our ulterior motive of learning the secrets of creating great fiction. Patrice explains her writing process (which is a great method) and shares some inspiring stories of her writing journey. She’s also like to point out that she likes to organize, but she is, in fact, not organized.

Her latest space opera anthology Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge has just released, which features some of the best authors and sports the most spectacular book covers in the genre today. Also, exclusive to Keystroke Medium, Patrice shares some news for what’s coming next in the series.

Along with sharing some insights into her Karma series and the short stories she’s written for The Future Chronicles, Patrice talks about her new project Pirate War Saga, sharing the concept for the series and how she’s putting it all together.

If you enjoy a fun conversation and love science fiction and storytelling, this episode of LIVE! will make your day. Check it out a feel good all day long.

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We hope you enjoy the show and we’re looking forward to seeing you next week for our next episode of LIVE! featuring Kevin Tumlinson, Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital.

LIVE! with Davis Ashura

LIVE! with Davis Ashura

August 18, 2016

The best thing about the speculative fiction world is finding storytellers who take readers to new places. Authors come from all walks of life and bring a bit of themselves to their work. What I am trying to say, is many of us have day jobs...rocket scientists, doctors, police officers, military intelligence officers, and everything in between. Davis Ashura has been writing most of his life and recently had success with his Castes and Outcastes trilogy -- an epic fantasy based on the many influences of India. (A Warrior’s Penance has recently been picked up by Audible Studios!)

What does Davis Ashura do when not writing?

He is, of course, a medical doctor. How does he find the time? What does his heritage and his profession bring to his writing? Davis shared some interesting concepts like received wisdom, world building, and development of complex characters (especially antagonists).

I enjoyed hearing Davis talk about India, share his expertise as a doctor, and describe what it took for him to get started with writing. One of the things that helped him, in addition to writing a lot and finding his story passion, was taking writing courses. He impressed me as a man serious about his craft and someone to watch out for in the future.

Since this was a live intervew, we had questions that listeners posted to Jacob Cooper asked about how Davis used his medical knowledge. Davis discussed some interesting story situations requiring a forensic investigator determining the cause of death.

Audience participation really made this episode excellent. (Yes this is a subtle hint that we want you to tune in next Monday for Live! with Patrice Fitzgerald.)

#Bonus: During the show, Davis Ashura explains the awesome meaning of his pen name. That alone is worth the price of admission. #Brilliant

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LIVE! with Susan Kaye Quinn

LIVE! with Susan Kaye Quinn

August 11, 2016

In this episode of LIVE! Josh and I meet Susan Kaye Quinn, an ex-rocket scientist following her dream of being a writer. 

After a foray into the traditional publishing world, Susan soon became a frontrunner in Indie Publishing, when KDP changed the world of ebooks. Love it or hate, many authors have found sizable audiences and successful careers in this brave new world.

The best part about talking stories and books with Susan is, well... Susan. Right now, listening to the show again, I’m really enjoying all of it. Her professional science background and PhD, coupled with her amazing skills as a writer are extremely intriguing.

Life and writing.

Like many who follow the muse, Susan can’t imagine life without writing. She read books and wrote stories throughout her childhood, created serials in high school, and followed her creativity to all kinds of places. Life introduced work and responsibilities, but could not keep this wonderful artist away from telling tales.

During a break at the height of her academic crucible, Susan describes a fantastic moment when she shouted at the sky, “I’m not just an engineer, I’m also a poet!” Even then, she explains, her imagination was getting unruly.

Can a person be both analytical and creative?

Spoiler alert! Yes, science and art are able to cohabitate in one person. Susan has written short stories, novels, and series in various genres. During the interview, she explains the premise for the Debt Collector books, how she wrote them (as seasons, containing nine episodes each) and what the series will look like when it’s finished. This was one of my favorite experiences in an hour that was full of favorites. Her ideas for her books are original and well thought out. Debt Collector went straight on my to-be-read list.

There is so much in this interview it’s difficult to cram it into a simple blog post, so here is a list of some gems you might pull out of the show: methodical writing, discovery writing, word count goals, engaging the muse, building writing muscles, The Royals of Dahria, Singularity Series, The Future Chronicles, writing for anthologies, and a pen name that will not be revealed.


- Scott

LIVE! with Michael Bunker

LIVE! with Michael Bunker

August 1, 2016

Today on LIVE! Scott and Josh talk with, Michael Bunker, best-selling author of the Amish science fiction novel Pennsylvania and his newest techno-thriller, Brother, Frank.

Michael talks about film rights for Pennsylvania, rewriting and repackaging his older works, and his thoughts on marketing in 2016. Along with talking about his writing process, creating a brand that isn't just a facade and working off-grid, Michael shares his experiences with bringing new talents into the industry and much more!

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