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LIVE! with Jennifer Foehner Wells

LIVE! with Jennifer Foehner Wells

October 24, 2016

Jennifer Foehner Wells is the author of the Confluence series and an upcoming space opera called The Druid Gene. Her books, with exceptionally beautiful covers, are easy to spot online and have garnered thousands of reviews. Join us at Keystroke Medium as we discuss science fiction, writing, and what it takes to be successful.
Wells talks about her early career and how to gain confidence as a writer. She found two local groups of writers, the first was mostly women's fiction, the second was all about science fiction. To this day, the second groups still meets and interacts. In this interview, she explains some rules for being part of a writing group; including enough time to read the story and the types of feedback that are helpful. After only minutes talking with Wells, it is clear she would a fun part of any discussion.

Many writers will enjoy the details of her writing process. Wells spoke about planning but was also eloquent about writing from the imagination. Josh asked about her favorite characters to write and the difference between writing short and long fiction.

Her success seems organic. Compared to other guests, she became a smash-hit right from the beginning. Some of this had to do with her being very engaged on Twitter back when it was a more viable form of social media. Wells tells an engaging story and puts out some entertaining content for viewers and listeners.

As a bonus, Wells tells us the story about the day she met George R. R. Martin.

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LIVE! with Autumn M Birt

LIVE! with Autumn M Birt

October 22, 2016

This blog post was such an easy post to write, because the interview with Autumn Birt, author of the Rise of the Fifth Order series, was so much fun. We initially tried to schedule this interview in July, but Autumn and her husband were traveling off-grid the farthest reaches of the planet. Needless to say, this was a fast paced conversation and an interview with some new information readers and writers might be interested.

Autumn is currently writing epic fantasy and near-future dystopian military thrillers. It was interesting to discuss how she developed the Rise of the Fifth Order series and what makes it different than other books in the genre. For readers new to the series, the story revolves around elemental magic and a cast of characters from multiple points of view. Autumn talks about the four elemental powers in herstory world and the forbidden fifth power which drives choices and consequences of the main characters.

Her military dystopian fiction starts out with a book of short stories. Most of her fans came to know her work through the fantasy series, but we learned she has some dedicated fans wanting more of this other genre. Like many authors, she discusses how switching genres can be refreshing for writers and their creativity. Her next major project will be dark urban fantasy.

So, not everyone wants to live off the grid in the far north, but I hope everyone will find something to learn and enjoy from this show. There is, be warned, a slight diversion on the pros and cons of having reader comments tattooed on your body.

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You can find all of Autumn’s books on Amazon here: Autumn M Birt Books

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