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LIVE! with Marc Alan Edelheit

LIVE! with Marc Alan Edelheit

November 29, 2016

On today’s episode of LIVE! Marc Alan Edelheit drops by to talk about his military fantasy series, Stiger’s Tigers. Marc’s writing started in 2015 and since then he’s writing 4 novels and sold over 150,000 books. His Stiger series has been published as an audiobook by Podium Publishing and the 4th book Stiger: Tales of the Seventh launches Dec 1, 2016.

Marc started out with one goal, to create something that felt historically realistic in a fantasy setting, he wanted the war to read, sound and feel like war actually would. After spending countless hours researching the time period, Marc got into what he calls the ‘ancient mindset’ and created a setting that feels real on many different levels (down to the smell of the leather).

From the start Marc wanted to be successful, from his writing, to formatting, to his outstanding covers. He talks about how getting an agent catapulted his career from selling a handful of books a day to becoming a bestseller. If you’ve ever contemplated getting an agent as an indie author, this episode is for you.


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LIVE! with LA Starkey

LIVE! with LA Starkey

November 28, 2016

On today’s episode of LIVE! L.A. Starkey talks with Josh and Scott about how she turned her love of writing into a indie publishing empire. Her bestselling Soul Keeper series and other romance titles (under several pen-names) have sold hundreds of thousands of copies since 2014 and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Laurie is a machine, on average cranking out one novel per month, sometimes writing upwards of 30k words a day. Since being her writing career, Laurie has published 90 books under 8 pen names and has spent countless hours learning and mastering the art of indie publishing.

Surrounding herself with her publishing team (her husband, brother, and a couple other close friends) Laurie has managed to keep up her relentless schedule and release more content faster than any other writing team we’ve talked to this year. She even managed to write an entire 46k word novel in a day!

If you’re looking for motivation for your own writing, or wondering how some people can be so production, check out this episode of LIVE! and see how consistently and tenacity can pay off big time!

For more information on LA Starkey, check out her webside: LA Starkey

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LIVE! with PP Corcoran

LIVE! with PP Corcoran

November 28, 2016

On today’s episode of LIVE! Paul Corcoran, author of the Saiph series, joins Scott and Josh to talk about his writing and how he turned his love of Indie Publishing into a lucrative career. They say to be a good writer you have to write what you know, and when it comes to writing military science fiction, Paul is certainly the man to write it.

After spending 20+ years in the military and almost 10 as a police officer in Ireland, Paul decided to take his life in a different direction and write stories. His experiment paid off, and now he makes is living as a full time author and has recently accepted a job at Tickety Boo Press as Acquisitions Editor for the science fiction imprint, Space Dock.

Paul shares how he got started in indie publishing, and how he conceived and produced his first science fiction series, The Saiph Series, and how the series evolved through the process. He also talks a lot about what goes into in his position as acquisitions editor for Space Dock, and what he is looking for in new authors and new manuscripts.

You can find all of Paul’s books on his Amazon Author page: PP Corcoran Amazon Author Page

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LIVE! with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

LIVE! with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

November 22, 2016

Once, long ago, in a land called Texas, Scott met Mark Leslie Lefebrve at a live podcast. This, of course, happened in a bar and people were having a great time heckling Jim Kokrel and Bryan Cohen of the Sell More Books show. Scott was in Austin attending the 2016 Smarter Artist Summit, which turned out to be a transformative experience professionally, artistically, and personally.

Fans of the Keystroke Medium show may or may not understand that Scott is a conditional introvert. Basically he is shy until he gets to know a person, then he never shuts up. Scott found himself sitting next to Mark and they talked about his book-selling experience and how he came to his current position with Kobo.

That was when Scott understood how special the week in Austin was going to be. When does a lifelong writing enthusiast just happen to meet the designer and manager of Kobo’s the Writing Life?

Mark has tons of experience in publishing, something this episode will illustrate very clearly. He brings us a bit of Canada, ghost stories, and wisdom about writing and publishing in today’s unique environment.

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LIVE! with Nick Cole - Dragon Con Awards

LIVE! with Nick Cole - Dragon Con Awards

November 22, 2016

Best-selling author Nick Cole returns for his second appearance on Keystroke Medium, and in true Cole fashion, brings this larger than life personality, taking the show to a whole other level. During his first visit to the show, Nick talked about his cyberpunk novel Control. Alt. Revolt!, the controversy surrounding it, and how he went on to publish a best-seller. This time, Nick talks about the buzz surrounding the novel and how it went on to win the Dragon Con Award for Best Apocalyptic Novel.


Despite the controversy, the novel became a hit and features some amazing characters. We spend a fair amount of time talking about the highly diverse cast, including one of the protagonists, a strong-willed, disabled woman who is overcomes adversity in some of the most amazing ways. The characters were one of my favorite things about the book and are what will bring me back to Nick’s stories. All said and done, his writing is fast paced and entertaining.


Nick shares his thoughts on current events and how the world of indie publishing is changing around us.


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LIVE! with Peter F Hamilton

LIVE! with Peter F Hamilton

November 15, 2016

How does one begin a blog about meeting Peter F. Hamilton?

Last summer Josh introduced me to a book called Pandora’s Star, the first book in Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga. I listened to the powerful, sweeping epic twice -- not something I do lightly given the time investment. These are big books by anyone’s standard. By the time I finished the second book, Judas Unchained, I was officially a super fan.

That was also about the time Josh and I had the following conversation:

Josh: “So Peter F. Hamilton has agreed to be on the show.”

Scott: “....” speechless.

We have been very lucky to have many excellent guests at Keystroke Medium. I shouldn’t have been surprised at our collective good fortune. A lot of people, naming Scott McGlasson here, helped Josh set this up. And yet, something undeniably special was happening.

Fast forward to the interview. The entire show was fun, informative, and relaxed. (So why was I nervous? No idea.)

Peter talked about his stories and writing in general. We asked about his process and he shared freely, ending with some excellent (and actionable) advice for new writers. Some of the story details were new to me because I have yet to read the Night’s Dawn series, Void Trilogy, or other books. I think next on my list will be the Great North Road. Rather than try to talk intelligently about all of his books, I will just link to them here.

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LIVE! with Ralph Kern and Tom Edwards

LIVE! with Ralph Kern and Tom Edwards

November 11, 2016

Fans of science fiction are more than just readers. Movies, art, games, and every corner of the imagination is fair game. This episode of the Keystroke Medium Show is proud to host Ralph Kern and Tom Edwards for something new. (Yes, this is our first book cover design show!)

Ralph Kern, author of the the Sleeping Gods novels, recently teamed up with cover designer Tom Edwards. Josh and I are big fans of these guys. Ralph has been a longtime friend of the show and if you don’t know who Tom Edwards is, look at the top twenty science fiction books on Amazon. At the time of this show, Tom designed seven of the twenty.

In this episode we explore how to work with a cover designer. Josh puts up some sketches that were used in the development of Unfathomed (the new novel by Ralph Kern) and other art leading to the final version. Tom shares what actually goes into his projects and gives us a little preview of what’s in store for Tom Edwards Design. For the record, three of Tom’s favorite artists are John Harris, Craig Mullins, and Jaime Jones.

Listening to Tom and Ralph describe their process was informative and entertaining. Please check out Keystroke Medium on YouTube and Subscribe and share. For more about Ralph Kern, check out his author page here. To see something amazing, got to Tom’s web site here. Tom can be contacted via his web site or at


Thanks and enjoy the show!

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