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Ep. 2.07 - LIVE! with SF Edwards

Ep. 2.07 - LIVE! with SF Edwards

January 31, 2017

On this episode of LIVE, SF Edwards stops by to talk about his new military science fiction novel, On Dagger’s Wings, the first book in his Spiral Series. He brings his love of storytelling and his knowledge of flying and engineering to the genre. As someone who has worked with various branches of the military, he has a lot of good things to say about writing military science fiction.

What is one extremely interesting thing about this interview -- something that makes the entire episode worth watching? Well, aliens. SF Edwards works diligently to make science an important part of his fictional universe and for the characters to be subject to certain rules. Some call in hard scifi, although this term means different things to different people.

The discussion of his human, not human, aliens is fascinating and entertaining, as did a long list of other great topics throughout this episode. SF Edwards knows his stuff. Fans of the genre should definitely check this episode out!

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Ep. 2.06 - TNL - Editing and Developing with Ellen Campbell

Ep. 2.06 - TNL - Editing and Developing with Ellen Campbell

January 28, 2017

Freelance editor Ellen Campbell, whose work includes books by Patrice Fitzgerald, Peter Cawdron, Nick Cole, Will Swardstrom, Samuel Peralta, and Michael Bunker, joins the show to share her thoughts on editing your materail and developing your manuscripts into rock solid stories.

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Ep. 2.05 - LIVE! with Peter Cawdron

Ep. 2.05 - LIVE! with Peter Cawdron

January 20, 2017

Peter Cawdron, author of Mars Endeavor and Anomaly, recently enlightened the hosts of Keystroke Medium on several aspects of science fiction. From hard-sci-fi (which he prefers to call “well informed sci-fi”) Mars Endeavor, to the more fanciful, “Men In Black-esque” novel titled Alien Space Tentacle Porn, Peter explains why he writes primarily stand-alone novels, rather than series.

Cawdron describes his writing process and goes deep into historical and societal issues that can be explored in the genre. There are some laughs, especially when one of the hosts admits what he first thought of at the mention of Alien Space Tentacle Porn (it’s not what you think).

Join Peter Cawdron and the hosts of Keystroke Medium, Scott Moon and Josh Hayes, for talk about reading, writing, and everything in between.

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Ep. 2.04 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi Part 3 w/ Chris Kennedy

Ep. 2.04 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi Part 3 w/ Chris Kennedy

January 20, 2017

We finish up our series on writing great military science fiction with best-selling author, Chris Kennedy. Known for his Theogony and Codex Regius series, Kennedy is no stranger to military scifi and not only does he produce an insance amount of content, we also publishes several authors under various imprints. 


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Ep. 2.03 - LIVE! with Michael Anderle

Ep. 2.03 - LIVE! with Michael Anderle

January 16, 2017

Who is Michael Anderle?

He’s that indie author who has reportedly made six figures… a month. How the %#%@** does he do that?

What does he write? A mash-up of paranormal, science fiction, and other genres. Trying to reduce the classification to a specific genre may be a bit of a challenge, as he explains he markets to one genre but fans take it beyond that category once the read deep into the series.

On this episode of Keystroke Medium Live, Michael talks about his books and his marketing methods and how he manages to produce so much content so quickly.

Once, not so long ago, in a land not so far away, Michael Anderle decided he wanted to write and publish books because it was on his bucket list. As a code writer, he already had insane typing skills and the habit of structured work. Coders, he explains, think about things in logical and progressive manner, which seems related to plotting and structuring a book. He also wanted to show his talented son, a writer, how to publish. Michael set about learning the best way to achieve his goal.

Flash forward a bit. During a vacation abroad he calculated that he could live on a certain amount of money and believed he could earn that income through writing. Now, in the present state of publishing, he has far surpassed his early goals and is teaching other writers how to not only follow in his footsteps, but to innovate and work in collaborative partnerships.

This show really gets into his creative process and his marketing genius, part of which is quite simple: figure out what readers want and give it to them.

Please check out this fun, fast paced interview with a very successful writer.

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Ep. 2.02 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi Part 2 w/ Richard Fox

Ep. 2.02 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi Part 2 w/ Richard Fox

January 15, 2017

Continuing our series on writing military science fiction, Richard Fox joins the discussion. The author of the best-selling series The Ember War Saga brings his thoughts and ideas on what constitutes great military science fiction and you can deliver a top-notch book to eager readers of the genre!

Ep. 2.00 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi - Part 1

Ep. 2.00 - TNL - Writing Military SciFi - Part 1

January 13, 2017

Welcome to Thursday Night Live!

During this new show, Scott and Josh tackle topics specifically related to the craft of writing fiction, share what they've been up to in their own writing journeys and bring you the latest news and trends in the world of indie publishing today!

This episode is the first of a three-part series discussing the best (and worst) ways to create and write military science fiction!

Ep. 2.01 - State of the Show 2017

Ep. 2.01 - State of the Show 2017

January 3, 2017

A lot of big things have happened to Keystroke Medium since Scott and Josh started the show in the spring of 2016! Huge guests, author collectives, anthologies, collaborations with major websites, and those are just a few.

To kick off 2017 and start KSM’s second season, Scott, Josh, and the newest member of the team, Ralph Kern, reflect on all the amazing things that happened during 2016 and what is on the horizon for 2017. The team talk about their vision for KSM and venturing into media marketing and embracing more readers.

A monthly book club, mystery charity events, new guests, shows focused on new author development, and plans to develop a self-sustaining podcast are just a few things in the pipeline, and the team touch on everyone of them throughout the show.

Going into the New Year, Josh, Scott and Ralph want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has watched, listened to, and supported the show over the last year and are excited to continue our journey with all of you!

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