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Ep 5.21 - LIVE! June Roundtable w/ Josh, Scott, and Chuck

Ep 5.21 - LIVE! June Roundtable w/ Josh, Scott, and Chuck

June 2, 2020

Anything and everything is on the table today! Come hang out with us and join the conversation!



Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Stephen Manley

[00:00] Opening remarks—Dragon Award Nominations are open!

[03:55] Weekly update, Coyote Roundup Edition

Josh: Working a new trilogy called Tranquility with Devon Ford. Working to have the first two novels done by end of summer. First book planned out, connecting novellas being planned. Follow-up novels planned.

Chuck: Dad Stuff™

Scott: Invasion Day launched! Lots of personal stuff and reading some Patricia Briggs. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) Coyote shifters! [link] Wrote some urban fantasy.

[20:04] Main Event: June Roundtable!

-Schedule vs. no schedule.

-Project focus.

[21:42] Scott shows off is spreadsheet

-Life by spreadsheet.

-Achieving 50k words a day.

-Josh’s development and writing work on the first novel coauthored.

-Everything coauthored is in Google Docs.

-Indiana Jones and the Backscroll of Doom.

-Focus on why we write and express ourselves.

-How to protect  your creative mindset?

-Avoiding facebook and social distractions. Spend time in some quiet space.

-It also depends on the things pulling at your attention (what you can and cannot control).

-Weaponized apathy.

[40:35] Sponsor: Scott Moon’s Invasion Day: They Came for Blood

[42:55] Main Event: June Roundtable, Continued!

-Discipline = freedom

-Setting time aside to write and protecting it for creative work.

-Ability to turn writing mode on/off takes practice.

-Don’t be a twig in the river.

-You have to put in the work.

-Going down memory lane (Scott and Josh pursuing the dream)

-Making intentional choices for your life.

Gary Vanyerchuk

-If you don’t like the process, then you need to evaluate writing itself.

-Keystroke Medium Puppet Show

[56:23] Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey



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