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Build Your Own Author Platform | Joe Solari, Ep. 3.03

Build Your Own Author Platform | Joe Solari, Ep. 3.03

January 17, 2021

Building your personal author platform is an important step in your journey. For many authors, that means jumping on social media.

But with conflict broiling, your data being tracked, privacy evaporating, and plain-old social media burnout, you might be looking for a new way to connect with your fan-base--something fun and reliable, and something you control.

The answer? Build your own platform.

But how?

Author coach and business consultant Joe Solari joins us to talk about ways to connect with your fanbase. We’ll chat about why it’s important to have your own platform and lay out a plan for setting one up.

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 54 - Haskell Unleashed!

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 54 - Haskell Unleashed!

January 13, 2021

We have coffee!!! Plus we have special guest Jeff Haskell to talk up his latest projects with the help of guest host Mike Lafferty!

Ep 6.02 - LIVE! Hit World Discussion - Chris Kennedy and Bill Webb

Ep 6.02 - LIVE! Hit World Discussion - Chris Kennedy and Bill Webb

January 11, 2021

Chris Kennedy, best known for his Four Horsemen Universe, returns to KSM to talk about a brand new universe Hit WorldHit W developed with William Alan Webb, the author of The Last Brigade series.

Page 1 - First Impressions | DAW Editor Sheila Gilbert, Ep. 3.02

Page 1 - First Impressions | DAW Editor Sheila Gilbert, Ep. 3.02

January 8, 2021

What makes a manuscript sing from the first page, and what sour notes turn the readers away? With more and more readers judging books based on the Look Inside sample, your first page is key to making sales.

DAW Editor Sheila Gilbert joins us to respond to six first pages submitted by Keystroke authors. We'll talk about what works and what doesn't, so that we can make our own WIPs even better.


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Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 53 - The Sweet Spot

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 53 - The Sweet Spot

January 8, 2021

How sweet do you like your coffee. What kind of things do you put in to take the tang out of the taste? This can be the same with certain types of editors. Are their editors that can make your writing more sweet?

Ep 6.01 - LIVE! Writing in the New Year

Ep 6.01 - LIVE! Writing in the New Year

January 6, 2021

It's 2021 and with the new year brings new opportunities! Let's talk about them! Today's episode will focus on writing goals, motivation, and staying inspired! Join us!

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

09:00 Weekly update—I Only Exist in an Office Edition

Josh: Finished Tranquility #1! Focused on writing and goals. Started a short story for an anthology and started a writing journal. KeyStroWriMo has started! Email Josh to get in on tracking your yearly wordcount. Trying to also improve his writing process.

Scott: Truck shopping! Setting a goal of 3,000 words a day. Finished Orphan Wars #1 with JN Chaney, working on the fourth Invasion Day novel and trying to fix major plot holes, working on a super-secret project, made a new (NEW!) spreadsheet, tweaking some advertising and marketing and personal goals.

32:14 Sponsor: The First Collection by Sarah Lipto-Sidibeh

​ ​

36:50 Main Event— LIVE! Writing in the New Year

-Josh is still listening to House to House: A Soldier's Memoir by Sgt. David Bellavia

-Scott recommends Mosul and argues SWAT is somewhat universal and the reaction to a mistake where a character was shot by accident.

-Reminds Josh of accuracy that he saw in Den of Thieves

-Stumbling blocks from 2020 to overcome in 2021.

-Josh changing his workflow because of moving and such.

-Changing up his production; maybe stream writing or do a morning show.

-Segue that Scrivener 3 for Windows is still not released.

-Scott is changing some eating habits.

-Using finite energy to dedicate to writing.

-Continue to dedicate time to writing and not wait for motivation.

-Developing a habit over time, rather than sprinting large numbers (500 words over 10 days is better than 5,000 words in one day and nothing in other 9).

-Goals need to be incremental and gradual.

-Building social media presence.

-Discussing concepts like blogging your novel.

-Don’t wear pants when you outline!

1:07:44 Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey


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Crushing Your New Year’s Resolutions | Roland Denzel, Ep. 3.01

Crushing Your New Year’s Resolutions | Roland Denzel, Ep. 3.01

January 2, 2021

It's a brand new year for change and growth, a good time to look back on the past year and reflect on how we’d like to grow in the year to come. Because as writers, artists, and freelancers, we’re always striving to do better. Author and coach Roland Denzel joins us to discuss that very thing, setting your goals and accomplishing them. And, as we like to do on Keystroke Medium, we’re going to tackle those goals together.

You ready?

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