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Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 68 - Lisa Richman Returns!

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 68 - Lisa Richman Returns!

June 30, 2021

Lisa talks about the secret squirrels who like her books and what's new from her view!

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 67 - William Joseph Roberts

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 67 - William Joseph Roberts

June 29, 2021

Come sit and have a coffee and a chat!

Ep 6.22 - LIVE! Writing Roundtable — June 2021

Ep 6.22 - LIVE! Writing Roundtable — June 2021

June 28, 2021

Let's talk about words and how to write them!

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

05:11 Weekly update—The CLAP of Valor Edition

Scott: Close to the end of Orphan Wars #3, and Blue Sun Armada #2. Podium is launching The Last Reaper series on audio. Chuck: Mental breakdown = New desk. Noodling around with the ending of Jack Dark #2.

Josh: Listening to the first Tranquility #1 on audio. Wrapping up Tranquilty #2, outlining Tranquility #3, and working on Sentinel #1. Shipping to England.

21:27 Main Event— LIVE! Writing Roundtable -- June 2021

-Chuck finished the first Gray Man book and has some thoughts.

-Scott did not enjoy the first book in audio form. -Establishing too much too soon. -Werecoyotes are cool.

-Thoughts on Wrath of Man

-The ‘build and switch’ -Similar to Vantage Point

-Comparisons of Wrath of Man vs. John Wick.

-In praise of John Wick

-Action scenes—fine balance of too much detail and too little. -The toll of a fight.

-In praise of They Live

-Thoughts on Dean Koontz and his approach to fiction (in How to Write Best Selling Fiction)

-Josh is watching Film Courage

-What the hosts are reading.

-Scott is listening to Ruins of the Earth: Ruins of the Earth, Book 1 by Christopher Hopper and JN Chaney

-In praise of John Carpenter films.

-How tight When Harry Met Sally was in terms of writing.

-Chuck enjoyed The Hardy Boys

-How groundbreaking The Matrix was when it came out.

-Scott loved Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash thought it was hard to get into

-The difficulty of the surprising but inevitable ending.

-Watch party?

1:03:29 Closing remarks


Coffee and Concepts

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Idea to Plot, Ep. 3.22

Idea to Plot, Ep. 3.22

June 22, 2021

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Three authors. One mega journey.

It will all begin with an idea. But the ever-elusive The End won't be caught that easily.

Lauren and Kalene have tracked down the one and only Poppa Chuck Manley to guide them through the perils of reaching The End! Can they tackle the inciting incident? Will they be able to plot their way out of the murky middle? Can they secure their HEA?

Stay tuned, because this time on The Writer's Journey, they will go from idea to story in one episode, LIVE!


Today’s spotlight is on Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass - Set your work-in-progress apart from the competition and write your own breakout novel today!

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 66 - Back at work

Coffee & Concepts - Ep. 66 - Back at work

June 21, 2021

Walt's coming back at you with more content, and possibly cookies.

Ep 6.21 - LIVE! We Dare - No Man’s Land Panel

Ep 6.21 - LIVE! We Dare - No Man’s Land Panel

June 20, 2021

Publisher/Editor Chris Kennedy, along with editor and author, Jamie Ibson, and best-selling author KC Ezell, join the Monday Morning Crew to talk about the latest anthology in the We Dare series from Theogony Books. Buy your copy of We Dare: No Man's Land here:

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon | Guests: Kacey Ezell, Chris Kennedy, Jamie Ibson

00:00 Opening remarks -Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

03:33 Weekly update—Frozen Hosers Edition

Kacey: Released two anthologies and No Game for Knights and her daughter graduated high school. A number of projects in the works. -Setting up word sprints in Discord using a writerbot. -Figuring out process and hitting wordcounts and goals.

Chris: Finished a novel for the Lawless universe.

Chuck renamed a story he wrote… finishing his 11 book series.

Jamie: Working on short stories for anthologies, including Canadian zombies.

Scott: Working on Blue Sun Armada #2 and Orphan Wars #3. Sold a bunch of antiques from her grandmother. Using Plottr.

Josh: Blood and Steel: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Tranquility Book 1) is released! Submitting to anthologies and UNDER the wordcount! Doing a lot of dictation. Discusses some of the Dragon 15 Pro features. 38:00 Main Event— LIVE! We Dare - No Man's Land Panel

-The origin of the idea for No Man’s Land anthology.

-Discussions of upcoming anthologies.

-Want to be on the mailing list for new anthologies?

1. Join the CKP Newsletter

2. Join the CKP Factory Floor

3. Join the Discord channel

59:20 Closing remarks

Marathon Author 45 - Beta Teams and Your Ideal Readers

Marathon Author 45 - Beta Teams and Your Ideal Readers

June 17, 2021

Vagabond Space 1 is done!

As part of my editing process, and with a lot of help from my friends, I got a beta reader team together to give final feedback on the book.

What's a Beta Reader team? Is there a set definition? What should they look for and how can you set them up for success?

Also, there's some author angst out there about what readers want... so I talk about that a bit, and how you can find your ideal readers.

Thanks for listening!


Editing One-Liners | Ellen Campbell, Ep. 3.21

Editing One-Liners | Ellen Campbell, Ep. 3.21

June 8, 2021

Ever read a sentence in a book that makes you stop and go "Dang..." You read it again, just to be sure. Oh yes, that was one excellently crafted bit of words there!

And we at TWJ, with our bestie, Ellen, want to delve into yours!

But why stop at the good stuff? We're digging into one-liners--the good, the bad, and the ugly--and finding ways together to make each sentence better.

Richard Fox & David Weber AMA, Ep. 3.20

Richard Fox & David Weber AMA, Ep. 3.20

June 1, 2021

Wherein two of science fiction's hottest authors answer all of your burning questions, including about their up-and-coming release, GOVERNOR...


Today’s spotlight is on Governor by David Weber & Richard Fox

Terrence Murphy is coming for whoever has orchestrated fifty-six years of bloodshed and slaughter, and Hell itself is coming with him.


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