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5 Ways to Make Readers Happy with Jason Winn, Ep. 1.47

October 10, 2019

Want to sell more books? Keep your readers happy. But HOW?

There are loads of ways to answer that question, just as there are loads of readers out there, but in this episode we look at four things most readers are looking for (even if they don't know it)... Plot, Pacing, Fulfilling Reader "Promises," Humor, and the Rule of Cool. Take a listen as Lauren, Kalene, and author Jason Winn break down each one.


This episode is brought to you by - Tough Luck: A YA Action Adventure Urban Fantasy (Saga of the Shamrock Samurai Book 1) by Dean Floyd

How many shotgun blasts does it take to kill a Banshee? Sean O’Farrell is supposed to be lucky. If you couldn’t tell by the name, he’s Irish. Irish American that is. He’s only had the bad kind of luck lately.

Sean’s just a normal high school graduate struggling at being a young adult. In the meantime he’s juggling homework, a possible girlfriend, a chaos wizard, and a screaming Banshee.

If Sean doesn’t stop the Banshee, she might not only kill him, but his mom and kid brother too. Luckily Sean’s got a samurai sword, his dad’s old gun, a ‘69 Fastback, and possibly a little magic.



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