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Analyzing the Science in SciFi | Bill Patterson, Ep. 3.17

May 8, 2021

In today's episode, K&L chat with Bill Patterson, a master wordsmith who makes hard science exciting and looks great in a Hawaiian shirt. Let's dive in!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

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-Keystroke Coffee is live!

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00:57 Main Event – Analyzing the Science in SciFi | Bill Patterson

-Kuru disease as zombie-fication

-Tetrodotoxin effects from puffer fish

-What makes science important in hard science fiction?

-Limiting principles make better stories.

-Possible lack of limiting principles in fantasy. -Deus ex machina

-Mohs scale of science fiction hardness.

-Callout for a new hard SF anthology. Send the first 500 words to -Deadline June 30, 2021! -

Using science to guide the plot (not drive it necessarily).

-The dangers as a new author.

30:35 Spotlight: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

32:10 Main Event — Analyzing the Science in SciFi | Bill Patterson, Continued!

-How we correspond with reality falls on a scale.

-‘One small lie’ -E.g. forcefields, superconduction at room temperature.

-Be ‘chary’ with subject matter experts. -NERDS! Ex. Gattica

-Writing a 3-day novel is intensely immersive.

-Using science to write a version of ‘The Sting’.

1:12:00 Closing remarks


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