Keystroke Medium

Author Horror Stories, Ep. 3.35

November 8, 2021

The publishing world promises freedom of expression through your words. Honestly, the galaxy is the limit! But the whispers of what lurks down that long, dark tunnel to publication are truly the stuff of nightmares...

... The unfinished draft. Bleeding manuscripts after the Editor sank her claws into it. Wrong files being uploaded... and only discovered when the 1 stars start blazing in!

Today on the Writer's Journey, we're exploring that dark tunnel to uncover all the demons lurking ahead. With the help of Poppa Chuck Manley and Walt Robillard, horror stories of the author realm shall be revealed, live! Eeee-hahaha!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams Special Guests: C. Steven Manley, Walt Robillard

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

04:05 Main Event – Author Horror Stories

-Fear of perfection with every scene, every line, every chapter.

-Chuck’s first book was a thriller novel/portal fantasy.

-‘Gifted Vomit’.

-Self-critiquing vs. writing.

-Mr. Brooks and his inner demon.

-Advice: most people don’t care, so do what you love.

-Chuck reads some of his 1-star reviews. -The paralysis of too much advice.

-‘What doesn’t flow if you don’t turn on the faucet.’

-Writer’s Block! -Being a writer for the money vs. for the craft.

56:25 Spotlight: The Revenant: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Hunter's Moon Book 2) by Walt Robillard

58:20 Main Event — Author Horror Stories, Continued!

-Walt’s love of Amazon’s Vella.

1:07:40 Closing remarks


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