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Balancing Writing and Family Life with James S. Aaron, Ep. 1.35

July 21, 2019

Diaper explosions, 2 AM milk runs, t-ball practice, first steps and first words--family life demands so much of your mental energy and time. How does a writer balance that with their writing career? Husband, dad, military vet, and scifi writer James S. Aaron is here to discuss tips, tools, and strategies for navigating family life while still meeting your author career goals. Take a listen!


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Ozymandias by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

The Big Box Store by Patricia Gilliam

I Am Christopher by K. R. McClellan

Clean Sweep by C. C. Ekeke

C-481 by Kalene Williams

Salvation of the Seas by Andrew Gates

X-Roads by Walt Robillard

Spark Joy by I.Q. Malcolm

The God in the Details by Rick Partlow

Randall Duchamp and the Strip Club of Tomorrow by James S. Aaron




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