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Building Your Book Production Team with Martha Carr, Ep. 1.30

June 6, 2019

Need to find the right editor? A cover designer, blurb writer, formatter? We got you. Editor-turned-bestselling-author Martha Carr joins us to talk about assembling your book production dream team.


Tonight's episode is brought to you by - We Dare: An Anthology of Augmented Humanity

Fifteen outstanding authors. Fifteen stories of augmented humanity!

All I need is an edge! As long as humans have competed with each other (for food, profit, and love), people have looked for ways to get an edge on the competition—how to be better, faster, and smarter than the opposition. With better science and technology, many things are now possible, and there will be many more in the future! Gene splicing will augment your abilities. Implants will make you smarter. Cybernetic systems will make you stronger.

Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, “We Dare” is a collection of 15 all-new stories that explores the use of augmented humanity in the near future. From getting a new personality loaded with the skills you need for a mission to nanobots that keep you from being killed to creating an indestructible tank, anything is possible!

But just because we can augment humanity doesn’t necessarily mean we should, and there are cautionary tales inside as well. Along with the “good” that might be possible, there is also the potential for augmentation to be used for more…nefarious…ends. Will augmentation make better criminals? What happens when someone with implants has their mind taken over?

One thing is certain, though—people will dare to augment themselves to get an edge. Our authors dared to write these stories of augmented humanity; will you now dare to read them?

Inside you’ll find:
Preface by Chris Kennedy
Kade by Christopher Woods
Taming the Beast by Kevin Steverson
Tank by J.F. Holmes
Cradle and All by Quincy J. Allen
Do or Die by Jamie Ibson
Yellow in the Night by Philip Wohlrab
The Chaos of Well-Seeming Forms by Rob Howell
Forty Acres and a Mule by Luke R. J. Maynard
Imperfect Mind by Jason Cordova
Bag Man by Jack Clemons
Come Up Screaming by Kevin Ikenberry
Angel by Robert E. Hampson
To Dust by Marisa Wolf
Now You See Me by Kacey Ezell
Now You Don’t by Josh Hayes



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