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Classes and Conferences for Authors with Jon Evans, Ep. 1.32

June 21, 2019

Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but it doesn't have to be one. You can find loads of classes, conferences, conventions, and groups to help you on your writer's journey. But which ones are worth the time and expense? Scifi author Jon Evans has tried quite a few, and he's here to share his experience and answer all our burning questions.


Tonight’s episode is brought to you by - The Eve of War (Ruins of the Galaxy Book 1) By Christopher Hopper

He’d survived ambushes before.

This was her chance of a lifetime.

But neither of them thought they’d get out of this mission alive.

After three hundred years of hostility, a feared warrior-race requests a peace meeting with the Galactic Republic. Tensions rise when a special unit of Marines is tasked with security for an emissary who doesn’t want protecting. You will love this new sci-fi adventure series because adults deserve science fiction that reminds them of their youth.

Rated M for Mature: 13+ For language, violence, intense themes.



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