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Doing All the Things | Evan Gow, Story Origin, Ep. 3.37

December 20, 2021

Today on the Writer's Journey, we've got Evan Gow of StoryOrigin! A metaphorical one-stop author shop for self-publishers. Through StoryOrigin, you can organize your publishing biz, from gathering beta reader feedback to organizing newsletters and newsletter swaps, to sending out group promos and reader magnets, and tracking your word count on your next project--everything’s right at your fingertips. There's so much to dig into, and we’re going to ask StoryOrigin’s developer all about it, right here, live!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams Special Guests: Evan Gow

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

Lauren: Working on a developmental editing project. Evan: Mostly on vacation this week! Learning to fly kites with his child.

Kalene: Editing, editing, editing. Working on a murky middle with a client.

03:06 Main Event – Doing All the Things | Evan Gow, Story Origin

-How StoryOrigin got started. -Evan demos StoryOrigin.

-How to newsletter swap. -Use of the group promo pages. -Linkages to newsletter integrations.

-Do you need a website to use StoryOrigin?

26:10 Spotlight: The Book of Joe (Forgotten Ruin 5) by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

27:00 Main Event — Doing All the Things | Evan Gow, Story Origin, Continued!

-Evan demos some new features (word counter, betas…)

-The advantages of StoryOrigin.

55:30 Closing remarks

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