Keystroke Medium

Ep. 2.05 - LIVE! with Peter Cawdron

January 20, 2017

Peter Cawdron, author of Mars Endeavor and Anomaly, recently enlightened the hosts of Keystroke Medium on several aspects of science fiction. From hard-sci-fi (which he prefers to call “well informed sci-fi”) Mars Endeavor, to the more fanciful, “Men In Black-esque” novel titled Alien Space Tentacle Porn, Peter explains why he writes primarily stand-alone novels, rather than series.

Cawdron describes his writing process and goes deep into historical and societal issues that can be explored in the genre. There are some laughs, especially when one of the hosts admits what he first thought of at the mention of Alien Space Tentacle Porn (it’s not what you think).

Join Peter Cawdron and the hosts of Keystroke Medium, Scott Moon and Josh Hayes, for talk about reading, writing, and everything in between.

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