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Ep. 2.07 - LIVE! with SF Edwards

January 31, 2017

On this episode of LIVE, SF Edwards stops by to talk about his new military science fiction novel, On Dagger’s Wings, the first book in his Spiral Series. He brings his love of storytelling and his knowledge of flying and engineering to the genre. As someone who has worked with various branches of the military, he has a lot of good things to say about writing military science fiction.

What is one extremely interesting thing about this interview -- something that makes the entire episode worth watching? Well, aliens. SF Edwards works diligently to make science an important part of his fictional universe and for the characters to be subject to certain rules. Some call in hard scifi, although this term means different things to different people.

The discussion of his human, not human, aliens is fascinating and entertaining, as did a long list of other great topics throughout this episode. SF Edwards knows his stuff. Fans of the genre should definitely check this episode out!

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