Keystroke Medium

Ep 2.25 - LIVE! with Brian Staveley

April 14, 2017

A while back, Josh suggested I read The Emperor’s Blades by Brian Staveley and told me it was a great book. I, of course, responded by snapping up a copy with my subscription and placing it in my digital to read stack. When the time came to read it, I was immediately hooked. The story sings from the first line and the narrator is Simon Vance, one of the best in the voice acting business in my opinion.

So, great, you say. We like Brian Staveley.

Why should we listen to this episode? What is in it for us?

Staveley does an excellent job telling us about his story world without spoilers, and better yet, reads one of his first query letters (which eventually earned the attention of Tor Books, his publisher). That right there is a first for the show; a best selling author reads his actual query letter on Live with Keystroke Medium.

There are great stories about living and writing in Thailand. He talks about working with agents, editors, and one expert beta reader (his wife) who keeps giving him great ideas. There’s more, but it might be better to just check out this very special episode.

If you would like to go backstage (so to speak) to Brian Staveley’s epic fantasy series Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series and his upcoming prequel novel, Skullsworn, now’s your chance.

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