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Ep 2.36 - TNL - Collaboration and List Building with Jason Anspach

May 5, 2017

Ep 2.36 - TNL with Jason Anspach 
Blog and shownotes by: Lauren Moore

Book marketing in the indie author space is all about creativity and making connections. Sci-fi author Jason Anspach models that idea clearly with his innovative approach to marketing. Forget endless Bookbub petitions and fruitless Facebook advertising campaigns, this man decided to make his own marketing tools. Intrigued? Read on and check out tonight’s podcast episode here.

Jason Anspach is the author of 'til Death. Along with Amazon bestselling author Nick Cole, Jason co-writes the military science fiction franchise, Galaxy's Edge, which is coming out to fans now as part of an email subscription model. No stranger to the podcasting world, Jason co-hosts Literary Outlaws, a podcast for authors and readers who like to think for themselves, and joins in on the fun of the Sci-Fi Writers Playing Old School D&D podcast.

In tonight’s podcast, Jason shares two collaborative tools he helped build that have created a broad readership base--and one that’s expanding every day. The first tool he helped create is an emailed newsletter designed to connect sci-fi readers with quality new authors called the Sci-Fi Bridge. Joining forces with authors Rhett Bruno and Chris Pourteau, the team held a contest to find the best sci-fi authors out there and start building the email list of readers who signed up not because they wanted a freebie, but because they love to read sci-fi. Today, the newsletter goes out twice a week avid readers, showcasing new releases from a growing list of authors.

In 2016, Jason teamed up with Nick Cole to create the Galaxy’s Edge series of military science fiction novels. In an effort to create a selling platform independent of any outside companies such as Amazon, Kobo, or Patreon, Nick and Jason decided to co-write Legionnaires, the first book in the Galaxy’s Edge series, and release it serially to readers on their email list. Much like Patreon, a platform that allows fans to crowdfund their favorite artists, the subscription model allows readers to join one of three levels to support Galaxy’s Edge: basic, special access, and partner subscription. Each level gives the subscriber access to even more access to Galaxy’s Edge content. Legionnaires is on track to be released in July, and the author duo plans on releasing a new book every 60 days. Eventually, the team hopes to open up the universe to other authors to come onboard and add books to the series, a move that will bring new audiences into the Galaxy’s Edge world. If you’re interested in hearing more about Nick and Jason’s collaboration, you can find their Thursday Night Live episode here, and if you’d like to subscribe to Galaxy’s Edge, sign up here.

Jason’s story proves that with innovative thinking based around collaboration, it’s possible to gather a vibrant, engaged audience of readers eager to get their hands on your next story.

So, what else did we talk about? Well . . .

  • What the Keystroke Medium team has been up to lately
  • Josh and Scott explain how they are currently using the “Thalmann Method” for proof reading. Scott uses Voice Aloud Reader and Josh uses Voice Dream Reader.
  • Jason shares his author’s journey, including how he started writing with Nick Cole
  • Jason discusses using the “yes, and” method to work with co-authors and build your own plot
  • Jason explain how he’s used anthologies to expand his audience reach
  • The Keystroke Medium team tries to answer the ever-burning questions: Why do Stormtroopers suck so bad? And do they actually suck so bad?
  • Josh touches on the recently released The Dark Tower trailer (based on the Stephen King series) and gives SPOILERS
  • The trickiness of turning books into movies, e.g., The Hobbit
  • Keystroke Medium merch news (more info to come, folks!)

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