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Ep 2.45 - LIVE! with C Steven Manley

June 12, 2017

C.Steven Manley--or just 'Chuck' to most folks--has lived the bulk of his life collecting skills and experiences that have made him into something resembling a human Swiss Army Knife. He spent his youth on the wrong side of most tracks and always going places he was told not to. He survived a dramatic childhood before he joined the United States Air Force where he learned about airplanes, electronics, and self-discipline. From there, his life was a series of successes and misadventures that led him into a variety of jobs including cruise control transducer tester, engineering test technician, door to door jewelry salesman, mental health care worker, obesity skin care technician, Cardiovascular Technologist, and, finally, stay at home dad and writer.

He's been writing since he was eight and has no intention of stopping regardless of whether or not anyone reads his brain-sweat. He enjoys RPG gaming, cooking, and hiking. He lives in Alabama despite being something of a traditional southern culture infidel. 

Like most everyone else in the world, he can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out where you can read his occasionally updated blog and sign up for his spam free mailing list.”

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