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Ep 2.47 - LIVE! with Neal Asher

June 19, 2017

Today the author of the Owner Trilogy and the best-selling Polity Universe series, Neal Asher joins the show!
His latest novel Infinity Engine, part of the Polity series, was just released a couple of months about and is doing extremely well. Neal was first published in 1989 and since then has published over 23 novels and written countless other stories and today Neal joins us to talk about his writing journey!

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The Sleeping Legion by JR Handley

A century ago, all but two members of Lance Scipio’s unit were executed. He has been woken into a strange new time, and tasked with whipping into shape the worst squad of misfits in the entire Human Marine Corps. The price of failure is death – no pressure!

2565AD. Tranquility-4 near the frontier of the White Knight Empire. Guided by mysterious orders, the authorities at the Human Marine Corps base of Beta City thaw Lance Scipio. In 2441, an entire Marine company was executed with the exception of Captain Grimgerde and Sergeant Lance Scipio, the usual punishment for running in the face of the enemy. But these two were preserved… as if they would be required in the future.

Although Scipio is not expected to escape execution for long, he has been given a slim chance. For a Marine, a chance is all that is needed to change the fate of worlds. This entertaining tale takes many twists and turns as Scipio not only turns this band of misfits into first class marines, but also teaches them forgotten tactics making them a force to be reckoned with.

The Sleeping Legion is a breakneck new sequence of military science fiction novels set in the worlds of the international bestselling series: ‘The Human Legion’.

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