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Ep 2.48 - TNL - What We Want to Say w/ Ian Garner

June 24, 2017

Tonight Ian Garner, joins the show. Ian has written several short stories, including American Son, Home and his latest, REDEMPTION which is featured in the World Domination anthology by Steve Beaulieu.


He has been writing and publishing speculative fiction since late 2014, during his senior year of high school no less, and tonight he joins us to talk about getting his start and what he wants to say with his writing.


You can find all of Ian’s stories on Amazon here:


This episode of TNL is brought to you by Glory Boy by Rick Partlow!

Caleb Mitchell gave up his family, his faith and his very humanity to defend the Commonwealth from the threat of the warlike alien Tahni.  Cast out by the pacifistic religion of his home, disowned by his family and abandoned by the girl he loves, he left his homeworld of Canaan to attend the Commonwealth Military Academy.  

But when he and the rest of a small group of cadets on a training mission are caught up in one of the fiercest battles of the war, they’re declared killed in action and their war really begins.  Recruited by a rogue Intelligence officer to be part of a biologically enhanced team of special operations super-soldiers, Cal volunteers to become more than human to take the fight to an implacable enemy.

But when Canaan is invaded by the Tahni, will Cal have to give up his career and his very life to save the people who cast him out?

Glory Boy will be free from June 16th to June 20th

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