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Ep 2.51 - LIVE! with Jasper T Scott

July 15, 2017

Blog Scott Moon (Why the pretentious tag line? Well, I’ve decided these mini-blogs are easier to write in first person. :)) 

First of all, who is Jasper T. Scott. (The thousands upon thousands readers and reviewers can skip this part.) This show, for reasons unknown, we jumped straight to reviews… probably because Jasper’s books have a lot of reviews. A lot of really great reviews.

That is to say he is doing something write with his Dark Space series and other books.

Jasper rolled with the punches on this show, taking us through his journey and his story concepts. He spent the first six years of his writing career writing romance novels based on the love story of his parents. They grew up in South Africa and had an unusual “Snow White” type of story. Lots of drama and romance, like a modern Downton Abby story.

Then, as many thousands of fans appreciate, Jasper changed his focus and started writing what really inspired him and what he really wanted to read. He charged into military science fiction / space opera and everything changed.

If you’re a fan of Jasper T. Scott, watch this show! It’ll be like hanging out with one of the genre’s newest superstars. If you’re a writer, he shares some exciting news about collaborative projects he will be pursuing in the near future!

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