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Ep. 2.58 - LIVE! with Michael J Sullivan

August 29, 2017

Michael J Sullivan joins Keystroke Medium today talking about writing fantasy. Josh and Scott were extremely excited with this interview, and not just because they're trying to leverage his contacts to get Brandon Sanderson on the show.

Sullivan is the creator of the Riyria Revelations series. A self-taught author, he has enjoyed extraordinary success in recent years. He started when he was thirteen and wrote very seriously for over ten years. Like many of our guests, life got in the way until he was able to come back to it.

We've had many authors talk about the transition from self publishing to traditional publishing. Sullivan is the first, I believe who went back and forth due to situations Beyond anyone's control. The story is both fascinating in a little bit scary. (He of course tells it well.)

What are some other bonuses of this episode? Sullivan talks about his elaborate beta reader system and also positive experience with traditional editors.

We also go into how his fantasy is different from other popular fantasy today.

If you love the genre, or if you're a writer looking for inspiration to keep going, this is the episode for you.

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