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Ep 2.62 - LIVE! with AK Lambert

October 4, 2017

Today Scott and Ralph chat with AK Lambert, a science fiction author who just published his debut novel, "Princess Grace of Earth". Andy won an editing package from Ellen Campbell during our Cover's For A Cure event, putting him in league with one of the best editors in the business and today Andy talks about writing and publishing his first novel.

Find Andy's novel, Princess Grace of Earth here on Amazon:

Today's show is sponsored by Scott today, and his new SMC Marauders novel, Burning Sun. 

Burning Sun is book two in the SMC Marauders trilogy. Readers who enjoy fantastic aliens and epic battles will want this series in their collection. Part space opera, part military scifi, this book takes a dynamic cast of characters to stunning new worlds and epic conflicts.

Get your copy of Burning Sun on Amazon here:

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