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Ep 2.64 - LIVE! with Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

October 4, 2017

Morning Mediums! We've got a really fun two-fer of a show, Chris Kennedy and Mark H Wandrey join the show to talk about their Four Horseman universe, the novels, short stories and anthologies.

Also, shenanigans....

You can find there stories here: 

Mark Wandrey:

Chris Kennedy:


Today's episode is brought to you by Attack of Shadows, book four in Nick Cole's and Jason Anspach's Galaxy's Edge.

The End of the Republic begins now.

The galaxy ignites as Goth Sullus and his fleet unleash a devastating surprise assault on the Republic. All that stands in his way are the 7th Fleet and the Legion. But with allies hidden in the very heart of the Republic, Sullus looks to reshape the galaxy in his own image.

Fleets collide in a moment-by-moment account of tactics, heroism, sacrifice, and the start of the final war of the Republic. The stakes have never been higher—and it’s winner take all.

Get your copy here:

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