Keystroke Medium

Ep 3.06 - AMA with Scott, Chuck and Ralph

March 6, 2018

- The guys share what they’ve been up to recently
- Congrats to Scott for breaking into Amazon’s Bestseller list!
AMA Questions:
- Ken McClellan: How do you find time to write with a full-time job?
- Ken McClellan: How do you find time to read while working a full time job and still have time to write?
- Terrye Tombs: Best tips for getting out of a writing slump? 14:55
- Josh Hayes: How do you press through when writing gets tough? 16:00, 19:20
- Kalene Williams: How do you deal/cope with the after-publishing blues? 12:34
- Jamie Glover:
As an artist, I often look back at work I've done in the past and Think, 'Gee, I could do so much better nowadays'. Do you find the same is true with writing? 32:33
As writers, does that experience make you more perceptive of progression & improvement in the writing of your peers and colleagues?
- Logan Scott: Do you find it hard to write short stories after getting used to writing novel-length stories? 37:36
- Guy Anthony DeMarco: Is it acceptable to start a novel with a gerund in the same sentence as a split infinitive using an unreliable narrator through second person POV? 44:47
- Jonathan Yanez: How do you guys keep track of all the details in your world’s 3 and 4+ books in a series? 46:58
- Craig Martelle: Who is your favorite author conference director and when will he get his black stroker shirt? 51:45
- Ellen Campbell: What does Scott have against contractions in dialogue? 52:08
- J Clifton Slater: 1:01:00
How much research do you do?
What is your favorite subject to research?
- Fafafabigben: What's the worst bit of advice you've received? 1:05:34
- Hank Garner: When you're writing in a new genre, did you do anything to get yourself in a new mindset for that new genre? 1:10:43
- How desperate are you for your book series to go to film? 1:13:34
- Bill Frisbee : Are there any books you have written but NOT published and why? 1:16:15

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