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Ep 3.11 - Live with Josh and Scott

March 28, 2018

Josh and Scott take questions for the live audience and talk goals and process!

Our scheduled guest, Yudhanjaya Wijeratne had some internet issues this morning and was unable to make the show, we will be scheduling him for a later episode.

This episode of LIVE! Is brought to you by: Bloodlines by Richard Fox and Josh Hayes

Terra Nova broke free of the Ultari tyrants, but the colony’s struggle to survive has just begun.

Governor Ken Hale and his expedition brought technology to the Canis Major galaxy that will change the balance of power forever, and the Ultari will stop at nothing to take it for themselves. The colony needs allies, and with no other options Hale sends Chief Kit Carson on a first contact mission that will either shield their vulnerable world or invite its swift destruction.

This fast-paced sequel to Terra Nova takes readers on an action packed thrill ride of discovery, mystery and strange new worlds.

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