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Ep 3.18 - LIVE! with Jonathan Brazee

June 1, 2018

Jonathan is a retired Marine colonel and now a full-time writer living in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

He published his first work back in 1978, a so-so short story titled "Secession." Since then, he has been published in newspapers, magazines, and in book format in fiction, political science, business, military, sports, race relations, and personal relations fields. He returned to writing fiction in 2009, and currently has over 55 titles published, 33 being novels. His novelette, "Weaponized Math," was nominated for the 2017 Nebula Award and today he joins us to talk about his writing journey.



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This episode of LIVE! Is brought to you by Half-Orc Redemption by Luke Barnett

For sixteen years of his life, Gash of the Bloodaxe has known only torture. Mistreated by a clan of orcs because of his half-blood nature, he determines to end their evil and earn his freedom. His mind still ravaged by the horrors of his upbringing, he is driven to find meaning in his existence within the wilds of Sylrin. But with an ocean of orcs set against him, a staff-wielding teenager at his side, and a mysterious elf guiding him, Gash begins to sense that there is something deeper happening, something that threatens his very soul.

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