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Ep 3.19 - LIVE! Tools of the Trade

June 1, 2018

Today, Josh, Scott and Chuck discuss the tools they use, and explain the basics of how to use to them to maximize your efficiency.

This episode of LIVE! Is brought to you by Master of Hounds by C Steven Manley


“There are things in the dark they didn’t tell us about.”

Former USAF Pararescueman Clint Mercer is about to find that out the hard way when his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama is suddenly the target of a vicious attack by a bizarre enemy that can do the impossible.

After surviving an assault on the emergency room where he works, Clint is recruited by the brilliant and often unstable magus Arlo Dandridge to be his guide and bodyguard while investigating the attacks for the mysterious Pickman Institute. With tens of thousands of lives on the line, the two men soon find themselves in a race to recover a deadly relic before a militant religious cult and their century old warlock leader can beat them to it.

Master of Hounds is the first book in The Pickman Files series, an urban fantasy thriller filled with magic, mystery, secret societies, Lovecraftian horrors, and pulse pounding action.


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