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Ep 3.21 - LIVE! with M.G. Herron

June 1, 2018

On this episode on LIVE! Science fiction and fantasy author M.G. Herron joins the show. He’s been writing and publishing since 2012 and today he joins us to talk about his writing journey!

This episode of LIVE! Is brought to you by Star Cat: Infinity Claws by Andrew Mackay

 Enter your cat. Win the contest. Save the universe.

Five-year-old Jamie Anderson has something to prove. He knows his cat, Jelly, is one in a million and has what it takes to win.

 In 2117, the search is on for the first feline in space.

 Welcome to the Star Cat Trials.

 Millions of cats across the globe will compete to demonstrate their agility, prowess, obedience and combat skills. The winner will join USARIC’s Space Opera Beta team of mercenaries and scientists on a mission to Saturn to decode a distress call and rescue their sister ship.

 Now, the fur is about to fly. If Jelly wins, she’ll soon learn that in space no one can hear you purr…

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 Star Cat: Pink Symphony (Book Two) – June 8th, 2018.



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