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Ep 3.24 - LIVE! with Nathan Hystad

June 11, 2018

On today’s episode of LIVE! Nathan Hystad talks about going from publisher to best selling novelist. Owner of Woodbridge Press, Nathan made a name for himself with his Explorations anthology series and is now making waves again with wildly popular alien invasion novel The Event, the first book in The Survivors series.



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This episode of LIVE! Is brought to you by: For a Few Credits More: More Stories from the Four Horsemen Universe

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Welcome back to the Four Horsemen universe, where only a willingness to fight and die for money separates humans from the majority of the other races. While some of the stories in this audiobook deal with mercenaries, others introduce listeners to the other guilds, organizations, and races that make up the landscape of the Four Horsemen universe, and many of them provide background information to the mainline novels. There's even a new form of life to get acquainted with and a look at alien interaction at its youngest level!

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This audiobook includes:

  • A foreword by David Weber
  • “Butch and Sundance” by Peter Cawdron
  • “Where Enemies Sit” by Rob Howell
  • “Boss” by Scott Moon
  • “Leverage” by Josh Hayes
  • “Luck of the Draw” by JR Handley & Corey D. Truax
  • “Contract Fulfilled” by Tim C. Taylor
  • “Emancipation” by Mark Wandrey
  • “Forbidden Science” by Terry Mixon
  • “Change of Command” by Thomas A. Mays
  • “A Family Tradition” by Ian J. Malone
  • “Go for Bait” by T.C. Bucher
  • “The Kra'daar” by Chris Winder
  • “Blood of Innocents” by James Young
  • “Messenger” by Nick Cole
  • “Faith” by Chris Kennedy
  • “Tinkerman” by Jake Bible
  • “The Start of Something Beautiful” by Kacey Ezell

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