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Ep 3.39 - LIVE! KSM Roundtable - Worldbuilding

September 14, 2018

Worldbuilding is the key to making any work of fiction believable and is a fundamental part of any science fiction and fantasy story. Building a world that is immersive and real is hard work sometimes.


This episode of LIVE! is brought to you by: Psychonautz by Gentry Race and Justin Sloan

Alien-tech/magic systems, leveling up, and space dragons—all set to the backdrop of a fun-fueled Space Marine adventure.

When Marine badass Nathan Collins finds that their newly terraformed planet is under direct threat, he takes it upon himself to corral the colonists. He has his hardcore brother at his side, but it's not enough.

That’s when the new alien-tech exosuit comes into play. With the ability to thought-manifest weapons with new levels of badassery combined with Nathan’s never-back-down conviction, humanity might just stand a chance.

Colonizing outer planets in preparation for a defense against an alien invasion. The Universe’s fate is at stake.

WARNING: Contains adult situations and adult language.

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