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Ep 3.42 - LIVE! with Chris Pourteau & David Bruns

September 25, 2018

Josh and Scott interview Chris Pourteau and David Bruns on tonights Monday Night LIVE! David shares his story going from the corporate trenches to becoming a full-time writer. It involves a supportive spouse, lots of dedication, working solo and with collaborators, and now a hybrid author deal. Chris introduces his journey in self-publishing. Nick Cole and other authors convinced him that indie publishing wasn’t just a vanity publishing thing, but a legitimate way that disciplined authors could get their well-crafted books out there.

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This episode of LIVE! is brought to you by: THE LAZARUS PROTOCOL by Chris Porteau and David Bruns

Four lives collide as Earth stands on the brink of mass extinction…

Mother Nature is mad as hell. Monster hurricanes … freak sandstorms … roasting wildfires. Species disappear every day. Is humanity next?

 Though some believe our future lies among the stars, the American President funds the Lazarus Protocol—a last-ditch attempt to reverse Earth’s climate crisis through geoengineering. But the New Earth Order—a mysterious league of reactionary activists with sleeper agents around the world—pursues another outcome: the subjugation of mankind to nature itself.

 A brilliant billionaire who wants to save the world. A lunar engineer called home to bury her father. A disgraced veteran haunted by yesterday's mistakes. A US Army colonel, desperate to save as many people as possible.

 Four lives. One planet. And one last chance to save it…

 Brought to you by the best-selling writing team of Bruns & Pourteau, The Lazarus Protocol is the first installment in The SynCorp Saga, a new series of dark sci-fi thrillers about the corporate takeover of our solar system.

 Pick up The Lazarus Protocol to discover this exciting new series today!

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