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Ep 3.47 - LIVE! with James L Young

October 16, 2018

Tonight on LIVE! James L. Young (aka Dr. Young) joins us to talk about how he combined his love of history with his love of writing.

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This episode of LIVE! is brought to you by: Peaceful Pines by Crystal Harper

Love finds you when you find yourself.

Summer Phillips is ready for a fresh start. When her Manhattan yoga studio fails, she heads back to her hometown. The Pines is an idyllic tourist destination in Vermont, but Summer longs for more in her life than small-town festivals and working for her dentist father. She’s welcomed with open arms, but soon discovers things have changed since she left.

Jake Moretti is recovering from the death of his close friend, who willed him everything he owned, including the hardware store. He’s lived there a year, but doesn’t quite feel like he fits in with the locals.

Summer begins to build her life back with the help of her friends and family. She takes over teaching yoga classes at the local rec center, which reignites her passion for teaching. Even though they’re each seeing different people, Jake becomes an attraction Summer can’t ignore, and she finds herself drawn to his warmth and charm. He’s everything she’s ever wanted.

When an old friend comes visiting with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Summer must make a choice about where she truly belongs in life. Does she follow her dreams in business or in love? Can she have it all, or will people get hurt along the way?

Peaceful Pines is the heartwarming first book in The Pines Series by an up-and-coming star in the genre, Crystal Harper.

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