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Ep 3.53 - LIVE! November Roundtable - 20Booksto50K (R) Vegas 2018

November 20, 2018

Tonight on LIVE! We are talking 20Booksto50k (R) Vegas 2018 Conference! Josh, Chuck, Steve, and Kalene discuss what they liked, loved, their take-away and everything in-between.


This episode of KSM LIVE! is brought to you by: Cyros & Jade by Luke T. Barnett

Can one find life where only death reigns?
Can a servant of death be turned to a servant of life?

Jade is desperate to escape her meaningless existence. Raiding the abandoned keep of a long-dead necromancer is just the thrill she's looking for...if it doesn't kill her first.

But something still lives in this place, something that has survived the tides of time and decay.
In more ways than one, Jade must decide between life and death, between redemption and escape. And hers isn't the only life on the line.

Volume 1 in a short story series by Luke T. Barnett, author of Half-Orc Redemption, Cryos & Jade is a quick read that will draw you in won't let you go.


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