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Ep. 4.34 - LIVE! Writing Character Personalities

September 5, 2019

Josh, Scott and Chuck dive into a great topic on Character Personalities.


This episode is brought to you by - Flight of the Reaper: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure (The Last Reaper Book 5) by Scott Moon and J.N. Chaney

The fight has just begun.

When Halek Cain and his wildly talented crew of runaways, rogue scientists, and rebel commandos arrive in system to save a ship of political refugees, they quickly realize things are not as they seem.

The system is full of derelict ships from ancient battles. It's a gold mine of history, resources, and old technology.

But where did these ships come from? And what exactly caused such a battlefield in the first place?

Cain must search for answers while evading and combating his enemies, all while protecting those who are closest to him.

As the Last Reaper will soon discover, sometimes you need to risk everything to survive.



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