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Ep 5.27 - LIVE! Anything & Everything - July Roundtable

July 26, 2020

Josh, Scott, Chuck talk about everything writing-related! Come join the conversation!


Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Stephen Manley

[00:00] Opening remarks

[03:47] Weekly update—Bald Robot Josh Edition

Josh: Hardback of Valor™. Rick Partlow gifted some weird western books by Mark Sumner. Signature cards for Battle for Luna Continued work on Tranquility series.

Chuck: Wrote more at Jack Dark #2. Prework to Jack Dark #3, which will veer into post-apoc/magic.

Scott: Picked up a super secret collaborator for Alien Invasion side project. Resistance Day (Alien Invasion #2) launched and other work. Learning marketing and rolling dice.

[15:00] Main Event: LIVE! Anything & Everything - July Roundtable!

-Josh is rereading Michael Crichton’s Sphere and the differences between the book and the movie

-Bringing in more dialogue and having it feel more natural.

-Give the reader enough information and let the reader fill in the details.

-Using description in the right way to bring impact to the scene.

-Contradictory speech vs. internal monologue.

-Sand van Glotka in Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy

-Different POVs and how third person can allow you to get into the head of each character.

-First person POV you can go deep in just the one character if you desire.

[33:20] Sponsor: Scott Moon’s Resistance Day (They Came for Blood, Book 2)

[35:15] Main Event: LIVE! Anything & Everything - July Roundtable, Continued!

-Adding to a story to fill it out, getting away from 65k and pushing to reach 120k epic novels.

-Josh describes his current collaborative process.

-New beta reader process locking a Google Document for comments only.

-Continuity problems plague longer series.

-Chuck discusses World Anvil

-Josh demos Aeon Timeline

-Josh is suffering productivity woes.

-The destruction of normal time schedules.

-Tracking time vs. tracking words.

[57:00] Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey





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