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Ep 5.29 - LIVE! Tranquility with Devon C Ford & Josh Hayes

August 17, 2020

Chuck sits down with Devon C Ford and Josh to talk about their brand new collaborative series, Tranquility.


Host: C. Steven Manley

[00:00] Opening remarks

[03:24] Weekly update—Boys’ Playdate Edition

Josh: Author’s boat retreat. Had good progress on Tranquility but more on that later.

Devon: Writing, working, babies, sunshine maybe.

Chuck: Plugging away at Jack Dark series and some Brace Cordova work. Rinse and repeat.

[03:24] Main Event—Tranquility!

-Narwhal tusks are probably going to be prohibited weapons.

-Josh and Devon introduce the concept of Tranquility.

-Coauthoring with complementary skillsets.

-Josh takes a different approach to this collaboration.

-A different concept for the world in terms of mech (think Titanfall)

-Josh shows off his mapping skillz.

-Having to consolidate the Queen’s English and American for one market.

-Getting the dialogue right for audiobooks.

-Finding the fan base between the two authors (Josh: milSF; Devon: Post Apoc)

-Seeding early books with characters who become pivotal to the rest of the novel.

-The iceberg model (what the reader sees and the amount of story beneath the surface).

[1:08:00] Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey



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