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Ep 5.36 - LIVE! with Ian J Malone

September 24, 2020

LIVE! with Ian J. Malone

Josh, Chuck, and Scott sit down to chat with Ian J Malone about his new book Detron City Vice, his writing process, and his journey as a writer.


Hosts: Josh Hayes

00:00 Opening remarks

-More coffee news and the Discord server is up!

05:45 Weekly update—Blanket Fort Edition

Josh: About 50% of the way through Tranquility #2, plugging away at an epic fantasy concept.

Scott: Finished up Victory Day (They Came for Blood #3), and One for All. Scott is blogging again.

Chuck: Working on Jack Dark and waiting for his kids to go to school. An audiobook was enrolled in Audible Plus.

Ian: Finishing a book and making the podcast rounds. Writing and reading while blind.

21:26 Main Event— LIVE with Ian J. Malone!

-The importance of reading in and outside of your genre.

-The love of tightly packed stories inside of a 250 page novel.

-Continuing to write a long series without losing reader interest.

Ex. Stephen King’s Gunslinger series

-Discussing what got Ian into writing, starting with the 2007-08 economic downturn.

-Wrote and self-published his Mako series

-Offered to write a short story for the fledgling Four Horsemen Anthology

31:00 Sponsor: J Clifton Slater’s Muted Implications (Clay Warrior Stories #12)

33:00 Main Event— LIVE with Ian J. Malone, Continued!

-Lynyrd Skynyrd mercenary story ‘A Family Tradition’ in For a Few Credits More: More Stories from the Four Horsemen Universe (The Revelations Cycle Book 7)

-Ian is primarily a pantser, but does some outlining to speed up his process.

-The crappy first draft for the story, then research the missing parts and cut/edit second draft, and third/final has got to be tight and sharp.

-Discussing Detron City Vice, his first post-4HU novel.

-Other universes Ian’s written in.

-Writing routines and typical day.

-Podcasting but not doing video.

1:03:00 Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey


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