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Ep 5.37 - LIVE! A New Kind of Sci-fi with LL Richman

September 28, 2020

In today's episode, Josh and Scott sit down with LL Richmond, to talk about her new series "The Biogenesis War" and how she is setting herself up as the new face of hard science fiction!

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Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

LL Richman’s The Chiral Protocol (The Biogenesis War #2)

03:15 Weekly update—Voodoo Doll Edition

Lisa: Wrestling with KDP.

Scott: Working on edits and drafting the third novel for Aethon trilogy and plumber.

Josh: Doing some developmental edit for Tranquility and KSM coffee updates!

14:07 Main Event— LIVE with LL Richman

-Why the new pen name (really? That’s still a thing)?

-What is Chirality?

-What would happen if chiral lifeforms existed?

-The difficulty of writing hard science fiction isn’t the science, it’s the relatability.

-Casimir gates, Alcubierre drives and Sharnhorst drives!

-Concept of the Biogenesis War series.

-Pandemic and wildfire trigger warning!

-Lisa talks about her writing process (Pitch -> Snowflake Method -> Storyboard).

-Strong plotter in the first half, but pantses through the second half.

-Research can add both plot and shape the story.

-The chirality of peppermint and dill weed flavor.

-Can you chiral plot and pants?

-“Military SciFi: Michael Bay explosions with marginally better dialogue” – Richard Fox paraphrase

-Name-dropping vs. diving into the science vs. pacing required for a thriller.

-Dan Brown’s Thriller Masterclass

-Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code

-Where the prequel novella lands?

-Assembling a book/reading order for your books.

1:01:50 Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey


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