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Ep 5.39 - LIVE! A New Duo in Mil Sci-fi

October 26, 2020

Josh and Scott sit down to talk with Richard Fox and Jonathan Brazee about their brand new collaboration, Hell's Horizon.


00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is coming!

05:41 Weekly update—You’re Writing or You’re Keystroking Edition

Scott: Victory Day (They Came for Blood #3) is done and working on One for All. Finished watching the second season of The Boys and confused about The Hunters.

Richard: Working to release Hell’s Horizon and a two-book Pathfinder series. Life Away and Belesarius in the works with Ben Stevens. Working on the third volume of The Ember War and a David Weber collaboration called Governor.

Jonathan: Working on a new series with JN Chaney. Chainsawing trees in the yard.

15:15 Main Event— LIVE A New Duo in Mil Sci-Fi

-Giancarlo Esposito and Eric Dane narrating the novel.

-Giving the reader both sides of the conflict.

-Collaboration process: lot of steak and coffee and negotiation.

-Developing the world and getting the technology and weapons systems consistent is a challenge after so many series.

-Initial notes, but no story bible. Some shared notes on tech.

31:56 Sponsor: LIVE Hell’s Horizon by Richard Fox and Jonathan Brazee

37:13 Main Event— LIVE A New Duo in Mil Sci-Fi, Continued!

-Potential for returning to the universe, but too many projects in the works.

-Playing to one another’s strengths in different areas.

-Don’t touch my Dragon Award!

50:30 Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey


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