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Ep 5.43 - LIVE! Thanksgiving Roundtable 2020

November 23, 2020

It's a busy time of year, especially for 2020, lets talk about writing, thankfully.

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

05:24 Weekly update—Reverse Trucking Edition

Scott: Sanderson Intervention Support Group in effect. Working on the Orphan Wars, They Came for Blood #4. Looking to take a teaching position at an academy.

Chuck: Closing in on the end of Jack Dark #2 and prepping work for Jack Dark #3, dealing with COVID in his family.

Josh: Fell down a rabbit hole of Brandon Sanderson’s Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4)

16:57 Main Event— LIVE! Thanksgiving Roundtable 2020

-Update on The Mandorlorian in terms of letting supporting characters have a bigger role in the story. Episode 12, The Siege.

-Scott disagrees with both the length of the show and misnomer for the episode name.

-Casting of Gina Carano as a warrior.

22:10 Sponsor: Raising ACEs (ACE Series Book 1) by Chad Boyer

23:10 Main Event— LIVE Thanksgiving Roundtable 2020, Continued!

-Scott rails that Stormtroopers were bad in Season 1, but degenerated into trope in Season 2 (The loss of the ‘danger’ element).

-Bike Trooper scene and ‘punching’ Baby Yoda.

-Loss of buildup of Moff Gideon over the first few seasons.

-Star Wars breadth and not depth.

-How to get lost in an Imperial Facility.

-Bo-Katan’s ‘boob’ armor vs. Joel Schumaker’s Bat ‘nipples’.

-More fan theories.

Ex. A Game of Thrones children going in different directions.

-Chuck asks about using a pen name for mystery thriller v. C. Steven Manley for urban fantasy.

-Genre overlap vs. reader overlap.

-Exception: A huge author may spill into another genre.

Ex. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files for mystery thrillers

Ex. JK Rowling vs. Robert Galbraith to segregate genre readership.

-Reasons why authors use initials (ex. men in romance and women in science fiction).

-Josh theorizes if Stephen King could write straight science fiction, would it be good?

-Chuck points out that he wrote The Running Man

-Simplifying things for the reader, not the author.

-Naming conventions for kids.

58:11 Closing remarks

Coffee and Concepts

Writer’s Journey


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