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Ep 6.21 - LIVE! We Dare - No Man’s Land Panel

June 20, 2021

Publisher/Editor Chris Kennedy, along with editor and author, Jamie Ibson, and best-selling author KC Ezell, join the Monday Morning Crew to talk about the latest anthology in the We Dare series from Theogony Books. Buy your copy of We Dare: No Man's Land here:

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon | Guests: Kacey Ezell, Chris Kennedy, Jamie Ibson

00:00 Opening remarks -Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

03:33 Weekly update—Frozen Hosers Edition

Kacey: Released two anthologies and No Game for Knights and her daughter graduated high school. A number of projects in the works. -Setting up word sprints in Discord using a writerbot. -Figuring out process and hitting wordcounts and goals.

Chris: Finished a novel for the Lawless universe.

Chuck renamed a story he wrote… finishing his 11 book series.

Jamie: Working on short stories for anthologies, including Canadian zombies.

Scott: Working on Blue Sun Armada #2 and Orphan Wars #3. Sold a bunch of antiques from her grandmother. Using Plottr.

Josh: Blood and Steel: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Tranquility Book 1) is released! Submitting to anthologies and UNDER the wordcount! Doing a lot of dictation. Discusses some of the Dragon 15 Pro features. 38:00 Main Event— LIVE! We Dare - No Man's Land Panel

-The origin of the idea for No Man’s Land anthology.

-Discussions of upcoming anthologies.

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59:20 Closing remarks

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