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Ep 6.23 - LIVE! Creating Character Arcs - Part 2

July 18, 2021

Josh, Scott, and Chuck continue their discussion of K. W. Weland's book Creating Character Arcs

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

05:11 Weekly update—The xx Edition

Scott: Close to the end of Orphan Wars #3, and Blue Sun Armada #2. Podium is launching The Last Reaper series on audio.

Chuck: Mental breakdown = New desk. Noodling around with the ending of Jack Dark #2.

Josh: Listening to the first Tranquility #1 on audio. Wrapping up Tranquilty #2, outlining Tranquility #3, and working on Sentinel #1. Shipping to England.

02:15 Main Event— LIVE! Creating Character Arcs - Part 2

-Touched upon positive character arc in part 1; this episode will be flat and negative.

-Josh’s character arc types are flat.

-Chuck didn’t read the book, yet he has opinions!

-‘The lie they believe’ is ambiguous, but there are examples.

-The debate over what arc to use and which one needs an arc.

-Plot arcs vs. character arcs and genre dependency. Ex. Die Hard (plot arc) with a flat character arch (McClain)

-Flat arcs don’t mean their arcs and decisions don’t matter.

-Book 1 is often a character arc, but later books may not be. Ex. Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

-A slight political digression. -The negative character arc. Ex. Star Wars Episode I-III with the caveat that it could’ve been the best if the writing wasn’t so bad.

-Arthas from World of Worldcraft

-The point of no return. -A rant about Star Wars prequels. Ex. Walter White in Breaking Bad

-Is Breaking Bad a negative change arc or a flat arc with a negative change prologue?

-Perhaps just the first episode is the negative character arc?

-What about Vic Mackey in The Shield?

-Tea with the Dalai Lama… -What’s the most significant negative character arc that you’ve written? Ex. D Fens in Falling Down

-Segue into Michael Douglas films. -Josh’s beard is a negative change arc. -Sandor Clegane isn’t a negative character arc, but his motivations and beginnings are negative in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

-The same with Beth Dutton in Yellowstone.

-Writing a negative character arc, you need to be conscientious of the foreshadowing vs. flat or positive character arcs.

-The next book is Cheryl St. John’s Writing With Emotion, Tension, and Conflict: Techniques for Crafting an Expressive and Compelling Novel

59:54 Closing remarks


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