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Ep 6.31 - LIVE! Writing Roundtable - October 2021 - Dune 2021, podcasting, AND SCOTT‘S BIRTHDAY

November 6, 2021

New show's every week, ish, unless we don't have one, then it's a new show every other week, unless we're sick, then it's a new show every few weeks, but we're really, really, really, going to have one today. Probably.

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley Special Guest: Steve Beaulieu/Jaime Castle

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

05:10 Weekly update—Don’t Drop the Toilet Seat Edition

Steve: Preparing to go to 20Booksto50k conference. Writing an epic fantasy novel with Andy Peloquin. Loves co-authoring. Adventures in Vegas last 20Books conference…

Chuck: Wrapping up Jack Dark #2. Promises Steve to finish! Outlined book 3!

Scott: Building a new house, writing a lot, wishing he had a beard comb.

Josh: Finally has a series titled Weaponized instead of Savage Stars/Sentinel. Writing. Had a Baen interview on The Romanov Rescue, a military procedural, watched the new Dune movie.

29:28 Main Event— LIVE! Writing Roundtable - October 2021 - Dune 2021, podcasting, AND SCOTT'S BIRTHDAY

-Discussion on the new Dune movie.

-Interpolation of story from immersion.

-Immersion as the opposite of the infodump.

-The importance of the medium for story (i.e. movie vs. novel)

-Technical issues with the movie.

-Missiles vs. bullets

-The Weirding Way in 1984 Dune vs the novel and current film.

-Atreyu vs. Atreides!

-The strange ending of part 1, though it was the same stopping point in the novel.

-The audio issues with the movie (soundtrack vs. dialogue).

-The demand for science fiction.

-The success of The Expanse

-Thoughts on Babylon 5 reboot.

-Podcasting thoughts and ideas.

-Aethon creating a game branch.

-Recent Aethon requests for military science fiction/space opera. -What does Aethon look at for the market.

-Looking at ‘stickiness’ and things that make a top-selling book sell outside of promotions and author writing.

-Write to market. -Balancing writing what you love vs. marketing.

-Submit to Aethon (put KSM in the subject line)

1:08:20 Closing remarks


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