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Ep 6.34 - LIVE! Using POV to Give Your Story Depth

December 19, 2021

Today we're going to talk about Point-of-view and how you can use it to world build, show character, and much more.

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, C. Steven Manley Special: Rhett C. Bruno, Steve Beaulieu/Jaime

Castle 00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

03:20 Weekly update—Promiscuous Collaborator Edition

Scott: Finished Reaper #12, working on a couple more projects, hasn’t worked for ten days…

Rhett: A lot of editing work. Last solo book was Vicarious. Nothing solo on the horizon.

Josh: Finished two chapters in Tranquility #3, one chapter in Weaponized #1, working on three more chapters in Tranquility #3 and an outline for a fantasy project.

-Thoughts on the live action Cowboy Bebop.

-Comparisons with the anime. -Old fan vs. new fan drama.

-‘Bath, shower, bath’

14:45 Main Event— LIVE! Using POV to Give Your Story Depth

-How important the POV has an impact on the scene and the story vs. an observer of events.

-Learning about the plot through characters vs. learning about the characters themselves.

-You need a POV if you want a sympathetic villain.

-Rhett likes to write strict third person POV (that is, you only get what that character knows).

-First person and the difficulty of revealing plot information in first person.

-Additional limitations of first person in terms of the antagonists without a POV for them.

-Third person POV tends toward bloat.

-The Luna Missile Crisis started in first person but changed to third person POV in later drafts.

-The third person/first person split in Rhett’s Vicarious

-The Marvel novels using a lot of third person POVs.

-The need for the POV has to have a point other than ‘bystander’.

-Jonathan Mayberry’s Joe Ledger series and the villain’s POV.

-Genre dependency influence on POV. -Mainstream ‘spoonfeeding’. -‘As you know…’ in every tv show…

-Getting into the head of the character. -Dumping filter words.

-Transitioning a fight from a ‘white room’ to the room itself to ground the story and immersing the reader.

-The cleverness of Stephen King’s writing in The Dark Tower series.

-Removing as much of the ‘I…’ in a story. -Vomit drafting without editing.

-Italicized inner dialogue isn’t needed (per Steve); use sparingly if done.

-No swearing in prose, but in dialogue! And the contrary opinion.

-Removing swear to impact dialogue. -Made up swear words.

-Nanowrimo writing.

1:01:00 Closing remarks


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