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Ep 7.02 - LIVE! Maintaining Productivity w/ Blake Arthur Peel

January 10, 2022

Josh and Scott discuss productivity with author Blake Arthur Peel, and how he balances family, business, and getting them words!

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon

Special: Blake Arthur Peel

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

06:28 Weekly update— Dusty Tome Edition

-We use Plottr!

Josh: Thirteen straight days of writing in 2022! Over halfway on a short story with Amy Duboff. Scrivener on iPad woes. Good progress on Weaponized. Doing lots of planning on fantasy trilogy. Writing on the skins of his enemies (i.e. parchment and fountain pen). Finished reading The Deep Man for Baen’s podcast.

Scott: Working on Reaper #13 and edits back from Blue Sun Armada #3 with a new editor (Kalene!), working on some side projects. Listing his house soon. Scott needs more bookshelves. Family times!

Blake: Getting over the holiday pandemic. Working on a new series for Aethon books—fantasy trilogy.

12:00 Main Event— LIVE! Maintaining Productivity w/ Blake Arthur Peel

-How Blake plans out his novel. X chapters at Y words, and then outlines to the estimation, give or take.

-The struggles of writing larger books.

-Multiple POVs = longer books.

-Writing each POV at a time vs. writing chapters serially.

-Blake’s new novel series Frostworld

-Gamelit vs. litgrpg (litrpg is sucked into a game, gamelit is a world governed by game-like mechanics)

-Adventure tourism?

-Love for the planet of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back

-Mixing caste, Vikings, and class systems into a gamelit slurry.

-Is Ender’s Game litrpg?


-Movies that are groundbreaking for their time.

Blake’s Fall of Radiance YA epic fantasy series

-Differences between writing YA and gamelit types of fantasies.

-The importance of reading what you write.

-Gamelit/litrpg lends itself to planning/plotting vs. normal fantasy.

-The tropes of gamelit/litrpg (progression, stats…).

-The importance of stretching yourself as a writer.

-Blake’s writing process and productivity.

-Every outline changes with each series.

-Fall of Radiance was sticky notes chapters.

-Newer outlines are done on the phone.

-Text app and dictation.

-Blake uses werdsmith for text

-Blake uses Dragon Anywhere for dictation

Tip: You can add fantasy names with Custom Words in the app.

-Scott uses Speechify after dictating to convert to text.

-Josh still uses the Olympus Voice Recorder WS-853 with 8GB, Voice Balancer, True Stereo Mic

-Also uses the JustRecord app for dictation on the fly.

-Love/hate with Google Docs (mostly on the phone is bad).

‘You can fix bad writing, but you can’t fix no writing.’

-Best time of day to write.

-Blake’s plan for his new series.

-Other projects (co-writiing with his wife on a new litrpg series).

-Flash Fiction competition is coming! Visit our facebook page!

-Who’s the celebrity judge…?

1:00:20 Closing remarks


Coffee and Concepts

Keystroke Medium Live!

The Writer’s Journey



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