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Ep 7.12 - LIVE! Writer’s Roundtable - Subverting Expectations

May 9, 2022

Done well, subverting the expectations of your audience can dramatically enhance your story. Done poorly... well... then you get GoT Season 8. What is your favorite --or worst-- example of this?

Hosts: Josh Hayes, C. Steven Manley

00:00 Opening remarks

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

04:37 Weekly update— Gave the Clap Away Edition

Josh: Wrote a short story for submission/unsubmission. Finished Tranquility #3 and back into Weaponized #1. Finished the outline for Aspect War, a new fantasy series. Lots of Brandon Sanderson reading. Saw The Batman movie.

Chuck: Working on Jack Darque #3. Finally finished softball season! Watched a show called Severance. Reading some Stephen King.  Love for Superman and Lois.

19:10 Main Event— LIVE! Writer's Roundtable - Subverting Expectations

-The results of the flash fiction competition! Thoughts on Outer Range.

-Twist vs. Subversion.

-The death of Ned Stark is both in the books vs. the final season of Game of Thrones.

-Bad twists and subversions ruin both story and enjoyment for the reader/viewer.

-Good examples: Shutter Island  Dean Koonz’s Servants of Twilight  Ozark

-Writing subversion. Se7en

-Subversion against tropes, twists against plot. 8mm  Fight Club  Unbreakable

-M. Knight Shyamalan’s twists. -Deconstruction vs. Subversion.

1:01:43 Closing remarks


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